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Updated: Feb 23

With just a few weeks left in the Fall Major regular season, this week’s newsletter is dedicated to a few reminders you’ll want to keep in mind as the season concludes.


Make-up Matches

Week 7 (11/13 - 11/17) will be "Make-up Week". Match days and queue times will be consistent with the regular season. Once a participant has played the full six matches for the season, they will not be able to queue any more. We will begin seeding brackets the following day after each game’s makeup queues. With this in mind, match disputes must be submitted no later than 12 hours after the conclusion of a make-up match.


Key Playoff Information

A full breakdown of our schedule for seeding the playoffs, how many participants qualify, and the playoff match schedule can be found in last week’s newsletter.


MSEL Winter Warmup

Registration for the all-new MSEL Winter Warmup is open now! This free, revolutionary competition will present unique opportunities for you and your students:

  • The MSEL Winter Warmup is casual- and beginner-friendly

  • There are no playoffs and no champion – let’s just play

  • Participating students can enter to win MSEL prize packs by claiming the associated platform quest


Funding Resources

Did you know that many schools are tapping into ESSER funds, CTE/Perkins funding, and STEM grants to fund their esports programs?

Discover how to supercharge your school's esports program by accessing this valuable information! Click on the attached guide for insights.


Generation Esports is proud to work with Intel to power scholastic gaming.

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