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MSEL Fall Major Make-up and Playoff Info

Updated: Feb 23

Hi coaches! We’ve reached the halfway point of the Fall season, which means it’s time to start planning ahead for make-up matches and playoffs!

If your school has competed with us before, remember that make-up queue windows have changed! Week 7 (11/13 - 11/17) will be "Make-up Week". Match days and queue times will be consistent with the regular season. Once a participant has played the full six matches, they will not be able to queue any more.


Key Playoff Information

How many participants will qualify? When will matches be held? You can find the answers to these questions and more in the Playoff Schedule section of the Fall Major Overview. Each division will have its own playoff bracket, winners, and prizes!


Playoff Seeding Schedule

  • Per rule 2.11.3, all match disputes must be submitted within 24 hours. After 24 hours have passed…

  • Per rule, any unplayed matches will be converted to losses.

  • Once any disputes are resolved and any necessary losses have been applied, we will begin seeding playoff brackets.

  • We will send email and social media communications once playoff brackets are finalized. Brackets are not final until you receive confirmation from us.

  • All brackets should be finalized by the end of the day Tuesday, November 21st.


Funding Resources

Did you know that many schools are tapping into ESSER funds, CTE/Perkins funding, and STEM grants to fund their esports programs?

Discover how to supercharge your school's esports program by accessing this valuable information! Click on the attached guide for insights.


Generation Esports is proud to work with Intel to power scholastic gaming.

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