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MSEL Fall Major Begins!

The Middle School Esports League Fall Major has begun! The first queues begin today. Please save this newsletter as it contains important information that will help you and your students throughout the course of the season.


Match-day Support?

Before your first match, we encourage you to view the following two videos with your students: Match Day Protocol and Understanding the Queue System. If you need help in real-time, the best place to start is the “Chat” bubble at the bottom right corner of every page.


Platform and Competition Updates

We have continued to make changes to our platform and league rules in pursuit of the best student experience possible. Here are some notable changes:

  • Mario Kart™ 8 Deluxe: In response to coach feedback, we have modified the rules to expand matches to be a best of 3 circuits and eliminate computer-controlled racers.

  • Minecraft Survival Games: We have released a number of updates- upgraded anti-cheat, improved moderation tools and player reporting (“/report”), and improved reconnecting.

  • Spectating: Many games have had their spectating rules updated. Please be sure to read the rules thoroughly before setting up a broadcast using a spectator.

  • Game connections: Increased leniency for students who change their in-game name but forget to update their competition Game Connection, especially in cases where the game account can be verified (e.g. Epic ID).


Make-up Matches? Playoff Schedule?

You asked, we’ve delivered. Make-up windows are changing! "Week 7" (11/13 - 11/17) will be "Make-up Week". Make-up days and queue times will be consistent with the regular season. You can find the Major playoff schedule on the Tournament Overview on our Help Site. Please note, the number of playoff qualifiers is subject to change based on participation within each game.


New Courses

Gaming Concepts is thrilled to unveil its two latest courses, Gaming Concepts: Streaming and Gaming Concepts: Shoutcasting. The Shoutcasting course offers students a chance to immerse themselves in the world of esports commentary, and Streaming equips students with public speaking skills while guiding them through the world of professional streaming. Click here to find out more!


Quests and Trophies

Completing quests now unlocks profile trophies! Students can select their favorite trophy to display on their profile and next to their name on match pages. Did your students make a deep run in the Spring playoffs? They may have a trophy on their profile ready to be shown off!


Upcoming Webinars

This week’s webinar schedule includes a pair of “last chance” MSEL coach webinars on Tuesday and Thursday, as well as a professional learning session for our Gaming Concepts educators. View our upcoming webinars and past recordings here.

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