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Updated: Feb 26

We are excited to welcome you and your students back for another season of Middle School Esports League competitions! Registration is open now for all Spring Major competitions. The preseason begins February 19th and the regular season March 4th. Thanks to our Gaming Concepts curriculum series, participation in MSEL is free for any school this year!

Before you leave, take a look at some of the upcoming items we have on deck:


MSEL Winter Warmup

Don't want to wait for spring? Registration for the all-new MSEL Winter Warmup is open now! This exciting, revolutionary tournament will present a new style and speed of competition unlike the Fall and Spring Majors:

  • The MSEL Winter Warmup is casual- and beginner-friendly

  • The regular season is five weeks long – January 15 - February 16. But…

  • Participants can play any and all available queues

  • There are no playoffs and no champion – let’s just play

  • Participating students can enter to win MSEL prize packs by claiming the associated platform quest


Winter Webinars

Need a tutorial or some help getting started? Then check out one of our onboarding webinars. We have one one December and another in January for the Winter Warmup!

For a full list of all our upcoming webinars and workshops, check out our webinar schedule.


10 Skills Students Gain from Esports

Scholastic esports can help students discover a sense of purpose and direction. 10 Essential Skills Students Gain from Esports Participation aims to help you advocate for scholastic gaming in your school by demonstrating how it can be a powerful tool for education.

Read more here.


Generation Esports is proud to work with Intel to power scholastic gaming.

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