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MSEL Newsletter 8/28/23


As you ease back into the school year, have you started thinking about your esports program? The Middle School Esports League Fall Major will be completely free-to-compete, thanks to Gaming Concepts, a series of courses designed to leverage gaming to engage students and teach life skills.

MSEL is excited to announce the following Fall Major competitions:

New this year: all competitions will be divided into Atlantic and Pacific conferences, grouping schools together by their time zones. Schools in the eastern or central time zones will play in the Atlantic conference; all other schools will play in Pacific.

The preseason begins September 18th, but registration is open now!


Upcoming Webinars

This week we’re hosting a webinar for Gaming Concepts educators. Join us on Tuesday to discover how to effectively utilize the power of Gaming Concepts in your classroom this semester! MSEL competition webinars will resume next week. Register for and view our upcoming webinars here.


Esports Courses

Generation Esports’ Gaming Concepts uses video games and esports to teach students standards-based skills, including problem-solving, teamwork, and communication. A recent study also found that students enrolled in a Gaming Concepts course had an 8% higher attendance rate over their peers who were not. Could Gaming Concepts help your school?


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